I’m fascinated by how digital innovation and technology can transform a whole industry. Almost every industry has been (or will be) impacted by new technology, and the wedding industry is no exception.

The wedding industry is a great example of an industry in transition, spurred on by digital innovation. Some of the market is stuck in the past with old ways of doing things, while a significant portion of the market has embraced new platforms and technology. Meanwhile, there are dozens of technology and media companies doing their best to push technology to new heights, as they imagine a future where most customers completely embrace digital.

On the digital side, Wedding sites and wedding apps will become more mobile phone optimized, and take advantage of proximity and location to offer personalized services that best fit the particular bride. The mobile phone will be the center of all of the planning activity, and it will handle it all with ease.
Hope you enjoy this bridal issue.

Ann Daniel
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Messy bun suits on those people who have short and medium hair. So this wedding, wrap on your hair and hook on the messy bun to grab everyone’s attention. And following are the steps to make a messy bun.

1   First comb your hair properly and remove the knots.
2  Next apply some hair serum and again comb your hair gently.
3   Set your curling iron below 200 degree and make sure that the temperature does not go above 200 degree or else it may damage your hair.
4   After combing your hair, pull all your hair with a wide tooth comb towards back and roll it. Secure it with a rubber band andif neede secure the bun with the bobby pins so that it won’t move.
5   Then take a floral headband and put it on your head as a hairband.
6   And then apply hair spray from a distance and pull some hair from your bun just to make it a quite messy.
And there you are ready with your messy bun in the tours or even in the parties.


Using A Flat Iron


1  Shower and dry your hair till it is damp. You don’t need water dripping from your hair. It should be wet enough to style. If your hair is too wet the curls will loosen because of moisture.
2  Section your hair into small sectiopns. The smaller the section the tighter the curl will be. It is time consuming but will give amazing results. If you take big sections the curls will be loose.
3   Take a small section of your hair and twist your hair around the pencil. Make sure you don’t overlap the twist as it will ruin the final look.
4   Use a flat iron to and stamp the hair that is coiled around the pencil. Make sure the iron is not too hot. Don’t go over 270 degrees.
There are many ways in which you can get tights curls. But most of them require expensive tools to get the perfect bouncy curls. Here is an easy way to get those sexy looking spiral curls using a hair straightener and a wooden pencil



Minimalism is the most beautiful trend among

modern Indian brides today. The modern woman is making a stylish splash, wherever she goes by opting for tasteful elegance in place of overstated boldness. Lehengas have become a convenient alternative in the place of sarees. These lehengas have been ruling the market for quiet sometime now and every bride wants to look like a princess in one of those.Make up and Hair is done very elegantly
to suit any function.


Make Up

Hues of Red and Gold –

Colours that rule the Indian wedding . Red and Gold as a color on any beautiful Indian brides are instrumental as a hue in, according to the beliefs and customs of the Hindu tradition and culture.
This is the color of the bridal couture which most of the brides like to wear at the wedding.

The makeup style begins with Gold holographic glitter on eyes with hues of red that work like magic and compliment a beautiful red lehenga. Bold red lips, created using the ombre’ technique which blends all modern shades red. When paired with bold defined kholed eyes, this look exudes majesty.




1   Leave henna for a longer time: Wash off the henna after 7-8 hours. If you can afford to keep it longer, leave it for about 12 hours. Do not wash with water; instead scrape it out by rubbing your palms together till the dried henna falls off! Within a few hours you will see the rich colour develop.

2   Do wash your hands and feet: Before applying mehndi, do wash your hands and feet with soap and dry them properly. Any cream or oil on your skin will act as a barrier, and minimise the mehndi absorption into your skin.
3  Dab lemon sugar mixture couple of times: Boil some sugar in water and allow it to cool. Now decant this mixture into a bowl. Add a few drops of lemon juice and apply the lemon sugar mixture a couple of times on the henna once it has dried. The sugar keeps the mehndi in contact with the skin for deeper penetration, while the lemon juice acts as a catalyst for dye release and deep penetration of colour.
4  Get best results: To get the best results for your wedding day, it is suggested to apply mehndi at least 24 to 48 hours before it.



The shining glory of the Indian tradition has to be the bridal jewelry. Bridal jewelry is mandatory for all Indian brides and the jewelry worn by a bride on her wedding is a reflection of her family background and her aesthetic position in the society. Maang Tikka is a mandatory and one of the most significant bridal jewelry in the Indian culture.

It is made up of a large center piece that is decorated with precious gems and it is worn on the forehead.

It is a representation of the third eye or power of the soul The maang tikka represents the bride’s eye. It gives the bride power, will and wisdom to handle the marriage well. The tikka is believed to give the bride power, wisdom and the will to make the marriage right. It is used for protection from evil spirits and energy. The maang tikka is believed to give the bride protection from evil forces that may try to destroy the wedding or marriage. The tikka has religious ties from the ancient Indian Culture and therefore when a bride adorns it; it is believed that they are protected from any negative or evil forces that are against the wedding or marriage. It signifies a union between the bride and groom The tikka is placed at the center of the forehead.  

Take you right back to the Galaxy

Make everyone stop and stare at your nails with such a sophisticated nail art. One of the best nail art to do and also very easy. The only thing is it requires several layers of different nail polish.
Here are steps to grab the same one.

TOLLS: • Glitter nail polishes • Base coat • Top coat • Different coloured nail paints Take you right back to the Galaxy

1.  First of all, wash your hands and clean your nails.
2.  Then apply a base coat on your naked nails. Applying base coat will make them easy to paint and do your nail art.
3.  Then apply a first layer of black nail polish or white nail polish and let it dry.
4.  Then apply a silver glitter nail polish so that you get that stars effect on your nails. Let the second layer dry.
5.  Choose your galaxy colours for example; green, blue, red, violet, purple, orange etc.
6.  Now apply different colours of nail paints on your nails one after the other with a small piece of sponge rather than with a brush.